Handcrafted Woodwork

to Reflect your Personal Style

Let’s create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece or personalized item for your home or business.

In an age where speed trumps quality, the desire for lasting craftsmanship and meaningful design grows stronger.

At Sawdust Innovations, we understand the longing for a connection to the things that fill your home. We know that in a world rushing toward the future, there’s a special kind of magic in the past—the heritage of craftsmanship, the warmth of natural materials, and the personal touch in every curve and corner.

We don’t just understand the art of woodworking; we are steeped in its legacy. Our expertise is built on the solid foundation of a family tradition that blends time-honored techniques with contemporary design.

Home Decor

Handcrafted woodwork that adds a nostalgic touch to both rustic and modern spaces

Custom Furniture

Quality craftsmanship from a southern artisan guided by a family tradition


Customize with your own words, motto or monogram for your business or home



The Art of Shou Sugi Ban

A unique, almost mystical process that has been capturing the imagination of artisans and homeowners alike.

Plan Your Perfect Outdoor Haven for Spring

Fight the winter blues by planning your ultimate Springtime oasis just in time for Easter.

Crafting Masterpieces with CNC Technology

When it comes to custom woodworking and design, precision is paramount.